The information of Subsidizing Activities by the College of International Affairs in 2019

Poster:Sonia LiuPost date:2019-11-29

1.     participating short term camp or program provided by sister universities

2.     participating short-term overseas program or workshop (within a semester)

3.     participating professional internship or workshop provided by sister universities

4.     participating oversea international volunteer

 The application deadline for this subsidy will be 2020/4/15(WED). Students who plan to apply please follow “Tamkang University School Affairs Overseas Internationalize Developing Regulation” and the following write off process.

 What should be attached to complete the write off process:

1.     Please attach the general report of fee for business trips ( it can be found in the website of finance sector)

2.     Please follow the sequence while applying:

        a) The official certification of buying international flight ticket or collection and payment transfer receipt by tourist company. **Buyers should be Tamkang University, Tax ID no. 37300900 or other documents that are able to prove the transaction;If hand in by printed form, please note “This case would not apply for other funds.”, and sign your name.

        b) Electronic flight ticket (or ticket stub)

        c) Counterfoil of boarding pass (please follow the sequence of the used ticket and float it on vertical A4 paper. Do not pile up of the air carrier company ’s proof of going abroad, and the stamp showing the fact of going abroad.

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